Case studies

See how we helped our client solve their biggest problem


one of our client who runs a business in teaching the martial art of ancient Tamil culture called Silambam along with other traditional defense arts. They conduct a national and state-level competition for various age categories. Every event will have a minimum of 200 children, registration happens on the event day at the registration counter at the venue.
This process of issuing printed form and getting it filled and verified by staff members. And then the event starts. This consumes almost 15-20 % of the event total estimated time. In order to speed up the process, they used to deploy more resources to start the event on time.
This challenge was discussed with us and we thought of a simple solution with effective results.


In this modern era, everyone uses smart phones, so we thought of making it simple by accessing form and data on mobile phones.
So, we thought of a plan of having a QR barcode that will be scanned by smart phone users and they get an online digital form to be filled and submit.
In the backend, these data reach our hosted cloud webserver database from where data can be viewed verified and print ID cards for the participant.

We use Laravel and build an administration dashboard which provides us data in graphs to show users gender and age group and locality. This is just the beginning of our solution and we have planned more for Phase 2 of this project.

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